Hello from me

It's a funny old thing, the life of a writer who specialises in un-writing. There's just too much words in this world and it's a shame that people aren't more careful with them.

Having said which, I present this here site, in which you can rummage through a portfolio of works accumulated over too many years in the advertising and design world. That's under the title Portfolio, surprisingly enough.

Under the title Experi(mental), I boldly upload stuff I've been doing, toying with words, rolling back the frontiers of application technology (as if) and trying to hide my true identity as a digital immigrant. 

And then there's Word Play, which is what it says it is, including the Ridictionary, useful for those moments when you get lost for words.

This is technically a blog that's masquerading as a website, set up for me by Henry (qv on the blog), who is missed, loved and thought about every day. Follow the links to other stuff, if you have the stomach for it.

Oh, and below, you can feast your eyes on the horrible realities of this writer's rockface. 

If you have been, thanks for visiting.